My Comfort in Quarantine

Have you ever missed someone or something so terribly that it hurt so much just thinking about it?

This quarantine season made me feel that my intimate encounters with God have been taken away from me.

Mahal Pa Rin Kita

Kahit na wala ka ng maintindihan.
O pakiramdam mo wala nang nakakaintindi.
Kahit na pakiramdam nag-iisa ka.
Mahal pa rin kita.

Certainty in Uncertainty

I remembered how hopeful people were on the last day of 2019. 2020 came and we were all caught off-guard when we experienced several life-changing events.

Grace & Perfection

It’s disappointing when you want to be perfect, but can’t be. It’s disappointing when you want to do things perfectly but you can’t succeed. It’s disappointing when you didn’t get that perfect grade, didn’t get to perfectly pull-off a project, didn’t properly execute a plan, or didn’t have the chance to keep a friendship. 

When Seasons Change

Each season is different and each season has its demands. Regardless, God’s wisdom, strength, provision, and grace are sufficient to help you go through them.

Here & Now: My Victory Story

In celebration of Victory’s 35th year, I wanted to share and immortalize my Victory story here in the blog.

Beyond the Fence

God has orchestrated things in our lives that will cause us to stay or leave a certain place at a certain season.

The Most Unlikely

What made shepherds qualified to slay giants, lead armies, and rule nations? What made fishermen qualified to plant churches and face kings? What could possibly make an ordinary student, homemaker, office worker, like you, qualified to fulfill God’s purpose for the world?

The Beauty in Unanswered Prayers

Hope is elusive and you feel like giving up on your prayers now. Or maybe… you are thinking of giving up praying altogether? Should you?

Don’t Just React To My Posts

There are friends who you seem to have lost, and who surprisingly ended up as an online-lurker kind-of-friend. They post statuses and photos, they exchange comments with their other friends, they react to your posts… but they no longer talk / reply to your attempts to communicate with them. Did you know that there’s a parallelism when it comes to our relationship with God?

You Can Go Home Wounded

Jesus told this parable to the people to show how reckless we are in our sins and how extravagant God’s grace is towards us.

#BlankPages: Awaiting Your Plot Twist

I see people posting online, craving, praying for a plot twist to happen in their lives that will turn their year from the bottom up. Maybe they feel like the year was full of defeats more than victories, sorrow more than joy, and bitterness more than love. Maybe they feel like the year hasn’t been good enough and they’re waiting, and hoping for a miracle.