And It Was All Yellow

In our 10-month relationship, Carl has already seen my flaws and imperfections. He has seen me laugh hard, and cry hard. He has seen me when I was giddy, and when I was moody. Carl proposing to me was God’s reminder of His love that will stay, even if He has already seen it all.

I Found Love When I Stopped Searching

Looking back at my 26th year, I realized why God didn’t set that age for me to marry and even to meet my future spouse. My 26th year was the year that I cried the most and was pruned the most. It was the year when God humbled me, disciplined me, molded my character, exposed and healed past hurts, and more.

Once Lost, Now Found

Remembering and celebrating 13 years of God’s faithfulness in my life 🥺🤍

I Finally Celebrated My Birthday

Every single year, I am torn between wanting to hear/read messages from people on my birthday and not wanting people to know about it. I’m torn between wanting to be seen and celebrated and wanting to remain hidden.

Beyond the Sunset

There is more to your “now” if you only look beyond the obstructions and see that there is a God who loves you and who is after your heart.

My Comfort in Quarantine

Have you ever missed someone or something so terribly that it hurt so much just thinking about it?

This quarantine season made me feel that my intimate encounters with God have been taken away from me.

Mahal Pa Rin Kita

Kahit na wala ka ng maintindihan.
O pakiramdam mo wala nang nakakaintindi.
Kahit na pakiramdam nag-iisa ka.
Mahal pa rin kita.

Certainty in Uncertainty

I remembered how hopeful people were on the last day of 2019. 2020 came and we were all caught off-guard when we experienced several life-changing events.

Grace & Perfection

It’s disappointing when you want to be perfect, but can’t be. It’s disappointing when you want to do things perfectly but you can’t succeed. It’s disappointing when you didn’t get that perfect grade, didn’t get to perfectly pull-off a project, didn’t properly execute a plan, or didn’t have the chance to keep a friendship. 

When Seasons Change

Each season is different and each season has its demands. Regardless, God’s wisdom, strength, provision, and grace are sufficient to help you go through them.

Here & Now: My Victory Story

In celebration of Victory’s 35th year, I wanted to share and immortalize my Victory story here in the blog.